Enjoy the Great Outdoors and Discover the Joys of Hiking in Port Alberni, BC

Outdoor Adventures

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or you simply want a chance to commune with nature and get away from the stifling environment of the city for the weekend, Port Alberni presents the perfect destination. Boasting a plethora of scenic hiking trails – riverside, forest and near vertical, you can soak in the unfettered beauty of the great outdoors up close and personal.

Guided Tours

Looking for cheap family vacations or planning an adventure trip for a large group, simply pick up a few trail guides and maps at the Visitor Centre, and you are all set to explore. If you like to enjoy the company of other tourists, the Alberni Valley Outdoor Club offers packages where you sign up for a guided group hike. The highly entertaining Sandy McRuer, a respected naturalist and a local forester, often leads the Rainbird Excursions, regaling hikers with colourful commentaries all through the trip.

Numerous Hiking Trails to Choose From

Among the favourite spots and popular routes include the Horne Lake Trail, the China Creek Trail and the Labour Day Trail as well as the Kitsuksis Dyke. If you are looking for some real action, tackle the grinding slopes of Mount Arrowsmith. If you prefer a leisurely hike, you have the option to take the easy boardwalk stroll along the majestic Cathedral Grove’s forest.

When I mentioned it’s there are numerous hiking trails you can choose from, I was not exaggerating. Here are other alternative routes you can consider:

Long Train Trail

This hiking trail consists of a 25 km (12 miles) of walking along a scenic path terrain often used for hiking, cycling as well as horse back-riding. The route follows the abandoned 1920’s railway branch line, which was linked to a sawmill.

Stamp Long River Trail

Another popular trail consists of a 7.5 km (5 miles) hike along the Stamp River. This trip is highlighted with the fascinating stretch of moss-covered firs and cedars.  During springtime, you can also enjoy a profusion of wildflowers.

Rogers Creek Nature Trail

If you are looking for an easier trail, the Rogers Creek Nature Trail presents the ideal choice, which consists of a short 3 km (1.8 miles) hike that follows the riverside path. The hike approximately lasts for about 2-hours, great for active and adventurous travelers. You can also take your pet along with you.

Getting There

Port Alberni is easily accessible. If you are starting off from Vancouver Island, it’s a short one-hour drive along the Pacific Rim Highway. For travelers starting off from Victoria BC, it is a 193 km (120 miles) ride to the south.

• By Car – from Nanaimo its 82 km (51 miles) travel.

• By Ferry — BC Ferries provides the primary means of sea transportation with all year round service from Swartz Bay and Nanaimo.

• By Public Transportation – the Clayoquot Transit Systemcurrently operates 4 different routes throughout the town. In addition, Greyhound and Tofino BC buses make several stops in Port Alberni all throughout the day.

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