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Unleash It at WildPlay Element Parks in West Shore Victoria

A 15-minute drive from downtown Victoria will take you to one of Vancouver Island’s most popular adventure park and tourist attractions. People have explored the outdoors and put their courage to the test in order to break the barrier of self-perceived limits. What am I talking about? It’s the ultimate adventure destination for people ages seven and older – WildPlay Element Parks.

If you have grown tired of weekend getaways spent lazing by the beach, and are looking for some exhilarating action, WildPlay West Shore Victoria offers an exciting way to entertain yourself and guests with an outdoor challenge for the young and old. For fun family vacations, weekend getaways or birthday celebrations, their Adventure Courses and What’s to Fear Jump are ideal activities for real action and fun memories.

Adventure Courses

Way, way up above your head, there’s an obstacle course where we throw everything at you: log ladders, ziplines, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges. Dozens of suspended surprises are up there, becoming more challenging the higher you get. But stick with it, you’ll learn as you go.Our Adventure Course games are “a-ok” for humans who are aren’t always gung-ho about heights, because everyone needs somewhere to let their fear out to play.

What’s to Fear (WTF Jump)


That little perch high above the ground – that’s where you’re going. Up that rope ladder and onto the platform, you’re tethered to a jump line and then things get real simple. You go over the edge. Step forward or backward, it doesn’t matter. Either way gravity wins.

Note: Access requirements and waivers apply to WildPlay Elements. Full details and descriptions are available at www.WildPlay.com

To start planning that adventure family vacations, contact WildPlay Element Parks:

WildPlay Element Parks, West Shore Victoria

15-1767 Island Highway, Victoria, BC V9B 1J1

Phone: 250-595-2251

Fax: 250-595-2251

Toll-free: 1-855-595-2251

For even more thrilling adventures WildPlay’s Nanaimo Park also offers (in addition to unique Adventure courses):

150′ Bungy Jump

Want to try something new and conquer your fear? This adventure definitely earns some bragging rights! Savor the adrenalin rush as you leap off from the bungy bridge and into the Nanaimo River Canyon, wearing an ankle safety harness of course. Make sure to ask your friends to capture every second of your big leap. If you prefer to have a peer support, tandem jumps are also available. Bungy Jumping is something every adrenalin junkie should try.


If flying is more your thing, zip above the Nanaimo River and enjoy the breathtaking view below. Spanning the canyon, and under the Bungy Bridge, the Canyon Zip Element offers a memorable ride. To start your adventure, all you need to do is to show up and complete the demo. You’ll be gliding through the air within an hour or less. Professional and experienced guides will assist you all the way.

Primal Swing

One is never too old to let loose and have fun. Lots of “big kids” experience a wonderful time in the “sling-shot”-esque swing. G-force speeds whip brave riders from the Bungy Bridge into a wide pendulum arc through the Nanaimo River Canyon. If you seek some real thrills, this is the perfect activity to find your kid at heart.

To start planning that adventure family vacations, below is the full contact details of WildPlay Element Parks:

WildPlay West Shore Victoria
15-1767 Island Highway, Victoria, BC   V9B 1J1
Phone: 250-595-2251
Fax: 250-595-2251
Toll-free: 1-855-595-2251

Getting to Victoria

Because Victoria is situated on an island, there are a number of transportation options you can consider getting there. Among the most common means can be either via a ferry of plane.

By Ferry

• Coho Perry takes off from Port Angeles to Victoria. Enjoy a 45-minute mini-cruise.

• Victoria Clipper takes off from Seattle right for a 3-hour ride to the heart of downtown Victoria.

• You can also opt to take the 2-hour ride via the Washington State Ferry from Seattle to Victoria.

By Air

•  A plane ride from Vancouver to Victoria will take 25 minutes.

• If you are starting off from Seattle, it’s a 45-minute plane ride to Victoria.

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