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Discover Abkhazi Garden, One of Victoria’s Crown Jewels

If you are planning to visit Downtown Victoria anytime soon, you’ll want to include the Abkhazi Garden in your itinerary.This heritage home and garden offers a magnificent view and whole new experience for people who truly want to appreciate beauty in its most natural form.

This breathtaking piece of property was built back in 1946 by Prince and Princess Abkhazi of Russia.This was the same year they tied the knot and decided to settle in Victoria, after a life lived in interesting twists of tragedy and privilege.Both immediately set their eyes on developing their one acre dwelling, which gradually took shape and transformed into a truly awe-inspiring place over the years. Since then, the Abkahzi Garden has become one of the primary Vancouver Island travel attractions.

The City’s Inconspicuous Attraction

There are a number of people who got somewhat lost in locating the Abkhazi Garden simply because it is nicely tucked away from the streets, well hidden from plain view.But just like finding a prized jewel in a labyrinth, basking in its sheer beauty its existence is truly worth the visit.For one, the garden magnificently showcases a dramatic view of the glaciated rocky slopes, which are complemented with stunning vistas.

The garden was developed with so much love and care that the couple even refer to it as their “child”.It is designed to best showcase its fascinating features, adorned with conifers, rhododendrons and Japanese maples along with carpets of naturalized bulbs, woodland companions and choice alpines, most of which have be carefully cultivated for the past 40 years.

The Abkhazi Garden Victoria

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A Clear Reflection of Refined Tastes

The Abkhazis both grew from privileged lives, their affluent backgrounds helped hone their taste and appreciation of the arts, literature and music.The garden has become the outlet of their artistic creativity, where they have fully explored the possibilities and refused to be stifled by any limitation.

Since their deaths, the care for the gardens were turned over to The Land Conservancy, after purchasing it and saving it from being turned into a townhouse development.The Abkhazi Garden is best enjoyed during the afternoons, although many decide to spend a full day roaming around the gardens.The sheer beauty of the place appeals to both the younger generations and the older ones.This makes it a primary attraction for families all year round.

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