Cities Will Shine at the Chemainus, BC, Global Mural Conference


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Economic development is the hot topic at the 2012 Global Mural Conference, which will be held from September 10 to 14 in Chemainus, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island.

If you’re thinking that this is just another boring conference for executive types, think again.The 2012 Global Mural Conference will focus on arts and culture as economic generators, as established by the 8th Global Mural Conference.

Guest Speakers Will be Local and International Experts

Decision makers will be in attendance – CEOs, members of tourism boards and executives who work on economic development – but there will also be artists, painters, and local and international muralists.Together, they will try to figure out how to use arts and culture to develop a competitive edge in economic development.

The keynote speaker for the 2012 Global Mural Conference will be Bill Baker, who is both an author and an expert on international tourism branding. Baker’s topics will include:

  • the importance of tourism on economic development during tough economic times
  • the benefits of investing in public art and tourism
  • the process of relocating new businesses and recruiting new residents
  • how to produce higher returns from marketing

There will also be international and local experts who hail from cities on Vancouver Island,such as noted speakers Jon Lefebure, who is the mayor of North Cowichan, as well as Dave Devana, who is its CAO.

The Chemainus Theatre Festival’s Randal Huber will also be present.Joining him as speakers will be Dr. Karl Schultz, who set up the Chemainus mural program, as well as artist Dan Sawatzky, who is known worldwide.

The Contribution of the Arts to the Economy Will be Showcased

There is no better example of how a city has been revitalized by arts and tourism than Chemainus.The town used to be the site of North America’s largest sawmill, which was shut down in 1982, which caused a drastic decline in the town’s economy.Through persistent effort, local officials and residents of Chemainus managed to develop and nurture an arts scene that developed into a showcase of dramatic artwork covering the outside of many buildings.

This stunning artwork attracted tourists from all over the Island, the country, and internationally, and the town began to thrive once again.All of this is now a part of the rich history of Chemainus.

At present, the art scene Chemainus boasts of a vibrant arts program that vigorously promotes local and international talents.

Urge your town to send one or more delegates to attend this important 2012 Global Mural Conference.It presents an opportunity to learn how to present a new image to the world through the development of a local arts community and attract tourists to your town.The 2012 Global Mural Conference could revitalize your community and your local economy.Don’t miss out on this unique learning experience!

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