You Won’t be Sorry if You Come Visit Vancouver Island

We at Amazing Vancouver Island have always been big fans of the weird and wonderful spots here on Vancouver Island, and we’re thrilled by the recent advertising campaign launched by local tourism boards. Nanaimo, Sooke, and Tofino, in conjunction with Black Ball Ferry Line, guarantee you won’t be sorry if you spend your next vacation exploring Vancouver Island: check out their fabulous video here.

Nanaimo bars, if you’ve never encountered them, are chocolately, custardy, coconut-bottomed desserts that are a necessary part of any visit to the Harbour City.  If you’re planning to explore Sooke, spring is the best time of year to catch your own dungeness crab dinner, although you can have luck year-round. Getting wet in Tofino is always an option – from the surfing to watching the winter storms.

Explore to learn more about what experiences await (and enter to win an amazing vacation if you visit before August 30th, 2013).

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