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Flower Fancier? Visit Sutton Creek Wildflower Reserve!

The names of wildflowers can be as intriguing as their designs and colors.  Does a coltsfoot (Petasites Frigidus) really look like the hoof of a young horse?  (Supposedly.)  Does peppercress (Cardamine Hirsuta) smell like pepper?  (No, but this “noxious perennial” is a relative to the mustard plant.)  Does a toothwort (Cardamine nuttallii) prompt mouth lesions if eaten?  (I’m not going to find out...

Vancouver Island Travel: Tofino and the Pacific Rim

Just at the edge of the world – situated on the Pacific Rim – is this secluded jewel of coastal Vancouver Island called Tofino. With a population of only 2,000 people, this contrasting combination of communing in solitude with nature, and being pampered in spa resorts makes for a dream vacation spot. In fact, Tofino is so popular that if you’re planning on visiting during the summer months, I sugg...

Butchart Gardens Victoria BC

The Butchart Gardens is a world famous display of flowers, plants and other vegetation in a striking setting . Located in Victoria on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Butchart Gardens has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada. It was created by namesake Jennie Butchart as a way to beautify her husbands worked-out limestone quarry.

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