Top 6 Whale Watching Areas on Vancouver Island

Whale Watching

Travel & Leisure magazine named Vancouver Island one of North America’s Best Whale-Watching areas. Whale watching is an amazing experience like none other. The ones I saw with my family off the Victoria coast were killer whales (Orcas).

To be that close to these magnificent creatures was a very memorable experience. There are some 80 of these killer whales that “live” off the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Small wonder whale watching is one of the most popular activities on the Island.

There are Humpbacks, Gray whales,  Minke whales and Orcas (killer whales) in the waters around Vancouver Island. You can also see porpoises, a variety of seals and Pacific white-sided dolphins. The best times of the year are from May to October but some tour operators go year round.

Whale Watching Areas of Vancouver Island

• Alert Bay & Port McNeill – close to the northern tip of Vancouver Island, this area offers spectacular whale watching.

• Johnstone Strait, near Robson Bight Orca Preserve. Here you can sea kayak with Killer Whales–not your everyday adventure. This is on the inside passage between Vancouver Island the mainland, north of Campbell River.

• Campbell River – north central portion of Vancouver Island on the eastern side facing Georgia Straight. The killer whales come to feed on the migrating salmon.

• The inside passage (Georgia Straight) between Vancouver Island and the mainland as we like to call it, abounds with gulf islands that offer whale watching.

• Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. This area has the  highest concentration of killer whales (Orcas) in the world.

• West coast of Vancouver Island (Tofino and Ucluelet). Prime whale watching areas along with remote parklands–Long Beach and the Pacific Rim National Park.

Vancouver Island has some of the most breathtaking whale watching and wildlife in the world–bald eagles, black bears and a multitude of land and sea birds.

And the natives are very friendly.

Come experience Amazing Vancouver Island!

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