International Busker Festival: Street Fun in Victoria, B.C.

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Once upon a time, long ago, there were no machines to record sound and moving pictures.  In order to gain an audience, singers, dancers and other entertainers would perform on street corners for gratuities from passersby.  That’s how the tradition of buskers was born. 

Not surprisingly, since the advent of personal electronics means we can now carry an entire orchestra or theater troupe in our pocket, street performers have become a rarity.  But that will change July 15-24, 2011 as the first Victoria International Buskers Festival comes to downtown Victoria, British Columbia.  Look for event stages along the downtown Inner Harbour, and in Bastion Square. Additional daily lunch time stage performances will also be presented at the Bay Centre.


Entertainment on vancouver island will come in the form of comedy juggling, mime, audience participation, eccentric dance and magic.  Award-winning performers from Australia, the US, Europe, and from across Canada include a blues singer, a Frisbee expert, a team who dances with fire, a woman who contorts herself into a tiny 16” box and another who does bewildering things with multiple Hula Hoops.  It’s all free and appropriate for the whole family.  And in keeping with tradition, tips will be appreciated!


To learn more about the Victoria International Buskers Festival, visit their website or email them for more information.

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