Victoria Inner Harbour’s Amazing Miniature World

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Victoria Inner Harbour’s Amazing Miniature World

Located inside the landmark Fairmont Empress Hotel, seated royally at the entrance to the Victoria Inner Harbour, lives the magically-tiny Miniature World.

Filled with miniature dioramas (small scale models that create historical or fictional scenes for education and entertainment), doll houses, moving cars, and trains, pieces of history re-created, and fantasies come-to-life.

There are over eighty amazing dioramas all made beautifully with intricate details of each scene depicted. Vancouver island’s Miniature World is a great place to get to know more about Canada and it’s history as well as just have some fun and marvel at the amazing size, scope and quality.

In the first exhibit, Space 2201, you’ll see space from the observation deck of a Starcruiser; peek out the portals, and check out the Astroidal Mining Base – don’t be surprised if a teeny-tiny miner hands you a pick to help out with the daily mining.

Fields of Glory takes you to detailed depictions of some well-known battles, the Battle of Britain, WWII, and the battle for Canadian Independence are exemplary. From cannons to airplanes and tanks, horses to hand-guns, they impart the harsh reality of combat.

The Canadian railroad history is a fabulous set up. Through the construction of the railroad across the country you really get a sense of the vastness and diversity of the terrain and sensibility of Canada. From Pacific coast Vancouver to Atlantic-side Halifax there are running trains.

Experience miniature replicas of 12 of the most well-known European castles; Fantasy abounds with the Travels of Gulliver, Santa’s Castle and Snow White; Approximately 30 Doll-houses excite every little girl’s heart with the variety of dining at an exquisite dinner party, dancing at a ball, attending a church, and visiting an artist’s portrait studio, just for a start.

With over 20,000 figures, flashing signs, and lighting that changes from day-to-night, Circus World, is a showpiece of the first order, where the Big Top comes to life, with clowns and elephants, horses and lots of animated rides. There are even buttons you can push and partake in making things move – very cool!

Learn about logging, learn about London, Dickens, the Frontier life, and how to survive should you be shipwrecked like the Swiss Family Robinson as part of some of the other exhibits.

With such great detail and heart built into these teeny-tiny universes, you can’t help but learn as you enjoy the journey, making this a great trip for the kids of all ages.

For a bit more reality Miniature world go to:

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