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Cascading waterfalls flowing into natural soaking pools, carved by Mother Nature herself into the surf rock, which in turn leads down into the waters of the Pacific Rim near Tofino BC on Vancouver Island. Inviting image, yes? That’s just one of the many beautiful images that will invite and entice you to visit the Tofino Hot Springs. Bubbling hot water, infused with healing powers by the ancient magma, filling the springs with a magical quality. The springs beckon – Imagine being out on the edge of the Pacific Rim where the Hot Springs and the cold ocean waters meet. I must admit, that’s the picture that always gets to me, and in fact, each of these images aptly describes the Tofino Hot Springs.

Take a Scenic Boat Ride or Float Plane

Accessible only by boat or a float plane, you travel 26 nautical miles north of Tofino, to the coastal Maquinna Provincial Park where you find, a thousands of years old, natural thermal hot springs in Northern Clayoquot Sound.  A long-favourite destination stop for locals, the Tofino Hot Springs is perched overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

This adventure is open year-round and most charter companies offer transportation via either water or air, and incorporate whale watching and/or bird watching as part of the day’s activities. Departures are usually morning and early afternoon.

The Rainforest Hike

Once you arrive at the bay you begin the next chapter of your adventure: that of hike along a boardwalk through the ancient rainforest terrain (approx 1 mile/1.2 km); it involves climbing numerous groupings of 20-30 stairs at a time. It’s majestically beautiful, but you will want to be physically prepared – and your reward for making the trek is the treat of the rustically spectacular Hot Springs themselves – Nature really got it right!

If you’re game for an evening adventure in the hot springs there is a lodge, a bed & breakfast and a campground where you can stay. Regardless of how long you plan to visit the hot springs, you will want a good pair of walking shoes and warm clothes.

Contact a charter company or tour operator for current prices and travel conditions and get ready for this bracing and breathtaking escapade.

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