Thrilling Whitewater Rafting at Campbell River BC

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Whitewater rafting trips on Vancouver Island are based out of Campbell River. Here you will fine temperate climates, unspoiled scenery, pristine rain forests and challenging rivers.

The north east coast of Vancouver Island is famous for its untouched wilderness, ocean views and natural vistas. Here you can also spot a bald eagle or catch a glimpse of a whale or the abundant salmon.

Campbell River is a 1.5 hour drive from Nanaimo or 3 hours from Victoria where the ferry terminals are. There is also airline service to Campbell River.

Whitewater Rafting Options

There are a number of whitewater rafting options that allow you to spend a few hours to a multi-day adventure.

Pick up a waterproof camera as you have some great photo opportunities.

Campbell River

Campbell River (the river not the town) rafting is rated as class I – II so it is suitable for beginners or the faint of heart.  During the month of August you can swim or snorkel with the spawning salmon.  The best time of year for rafting is from May to August.

Upper and Lower Nimpkish River

The Upper Nimpkish is the more extreme part of the river with more difficult rapids that are closer together to add to the adventure. Upper Nimpkish is rated as class III-IV so only consider these rapids if you are quite experienced.

On the lower Nimpkish River you will encounter around 40 sets of rapids but they are the mild version so are suitable for beginners. You can even stop off for a swim or explore a cave.  Lower Nimpkish River is rated as Class II – III.
The best time of year is from May to August. Keep an eye out for spotting wildlife like deer, cougars, bears and elk.

The Nimpkish River is on north central Vancouver Island about a 90-minute drive northwest from Campbell River.

Southgate River

Southgate River, rated as class I – II, is on the mainland but the best way to get there is via Campbell River. Here you get to raft on glacier green waters fed by the Homathko Icefields.
The only access to this remote area is by helicopter or by boat, so it a multi-day trip.  The best time of year is late summer – August to September.

Tour Operators for Whitewater Rafting

Destiny River Adventures, based in Campbell River, offers professionally guided river rafting tours for the beginners to expert whitewater enthusiasts.  As part of the tours you can enjoy other activities including fishing, wildlife spotting, swimming and caving.

Their tours cover half day rafting, full day rafting or 4 day expeditions on the Campbell River, Oyster River, Nimpkish River and Southgate River.

Reservations are recommended.

Contact Info:
For those that prefer telephone or regular mail our contact information follows:
Phone:  250-287-4800  Fax: 250-287-4857 Toll Free: 877-923-7238

Destiny River Adventures
1630 North Island Highway, Campbell River, BC, Canada V9W 2E5

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  1. Could you please send me more info on your rafting adventure on the upper Nimpkish River. Where and when do I arrive? How much etc.?

  2. Never been river rafting but would like to take my son age will bec14 on july 15. There is 4 of us ..not sure if the parents will come or not. Weve never done this before.
    1/2 day trip would be long enough


  3. Hello. My husband & I are interested in doing the level 1-2 water rafting for a few hours or perhaps half a day. Please provide of all the information to make this happen please. Cost. Where exactly? Time frames? 🙂


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