Wildlife Recovery Center Features Eagles, Hawks, Owls and Black Bears

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View eagles, hawks, owls and black bears at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center near Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. The centre is focused on reahbilitation so you can expect to see the birds and bears in various stages of mending.

Raptors – Eagles and Hawks

Raptor presentations take place during the summer months and there is a large flight cage for eagles. While I have seen eagles (a couple of times this year, one landed on a tree perch near my front door) and hawks (there is a family of 5 near my home) in flight, seeing them up close is quite amazing. My apprecition for these magnificent birds was greatly increased after the visit.

The Museum of Nature

After we paid our admission which was quite reasonable, we entered the Museum of Nature which was beautiflly built. The displays with stuffed birds of all sizes and types were fascinating. A great place for the whole family to get acquainted with nature up close and personal. There is also a cougar cave, interesting landscaping and a waterfall.

Wildlife Education

The mission of the Centre is education and they do a great job. Their website has lots of wonderful info. They offer In-school and off-site wildlife educational programs as well as guided tours of the facility. This is their formula for feeding hummingbirds: 3 parts water, 1 part sugar and a pinch of raspberry Jell-O.
The Centre engages with the community with Brant Festival Eagle Release, Wildlife Family Days, fundraisers and events. Check their website for upcoming events.

Contact Info

North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre
Open daily March to December
Call to confirm hours
1240 Leffler Road, Errington, BC V0R 1V0
Phone: 250-248-8534   E-Mail:  wildlife@niwra.org website: www.niwra.org

Directions to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

Travel north on Highway 19 from Nanaimo, exit left onto Highway 4A (Exit 51), left on Errington, left on Grafton then left on Leffler to

Heading north from Nanaimo, take Exit 51; left onto Hwy 4A; left on Errington; left on Grafton; left on Leffler to 1240 Leffler Road, Errington.

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