Royal BC Museum in Downtown Victoria BC

The Royal BC Museum is located in downtown Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. It is centrally located near the BC Parliament Buildings, the Inner Harbour and the Empress Hotel. The Museum has a collection of more than seven million unique objects and documents which makes every visit a new experience. The price of admission is reasonable and tours are available.

Royal BC Museum Exhibits

The Museum draws exhibits from all around the world. In recent times, these included exhibits on Egyptian artifacts, Genghis Khan, the Titanic, and Leonardo da Vinci.
The permanent displays with three-dimensional reproductions depict the stories of the early miners, the First Nations people, the gold miners, the logging industry and west coast history.
There are cave-like rooms that connect the different galleries within the stone walls of the museum that present the early life in British Columbia and the wildlife of this rugged rain forest wilderness.

Natural History Gallery

On the second floor is the Natural History Gallery which depicts the scenery and forests through the eyes of the wildlife, waterways and forests. At the entrance there is a massive Woolly Mammoth. There are three-dimensional displays on Ice age mammals and well as a Grizzly Bear hunting for food.
The displays cover the rugged geography of the provide as well as a simulated ocean journey. Recently a section was added to cover information on climate change.

First Nations Gallery

The First Nations Gallery on the third floor features a long house, interactive displays and an excellent display of ceremonial masks, primarily from the Kwakwaka’wakw era. It does a great job displaying life before and after contact with the European settlers.

Modern Era History Gallery

On the third floor, the Modern Era History Gallery covers the period in British Columbia history when the Europeans arrived and latter the Chinese settlers. You pass through cobblestone street replica of Victoria with a hotel,  a silent movie theatre, a train station, vintage cars and even Chinatown
On display is model of the original Fort Victoria and the stern from the vessel HMS Discovery, the famous ship that Captain George Vancouver discovered Vancouver Island.
You can also view displays of the logging and mining tools and activities of these early west coast industries.

Travelling Exhibitions

The Museum also has travelling exhibitions. Running until December 2013 is the Aliens Among Us which educates visitors regarding the current threat to our natural environment by alien species. The exhibit will visit nine community museums throughout British Columbia.

History of The Royal BC Museum

Some say that Victoria is more British than England. The Royal British Columbia Museum is a human history and natural history museum that was founded in 1886. The “Royal” title was approved by Queen Elizabeth II and conferred by HRH Prince Philip in 1987 during a Royal tour to British Columbia. The Museum and the BC Provincial Archives merged in 2003.
The Museum exhibits convey a real story about the past, present and future of British Columbia. The archives are a treasure trove of documents and information about our history.
Complementing the three permanent galleries of the Museum is an IMAX theatre which shows educational films as well as Hollywood movies.

Contact info: Royal BC Museum

675 Belleville St, Victoria BC V8W 9W2
Tel: 250-356-7226  Toll free: 888-447-7977 Email:
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