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The Victoria Butterfly Gardens with some 3,000 specimens from over 50 species of free-flying butterflies is close to the famed Butchart Gardens and Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island.
The Gardens are a 1,100 sq m (12,000 sq ft) simulated rainforest that is aply described as a tropical jungle, with the numerous plants, exotic butterflies and more – all indoors in a warm and fragrant environment.  There is a waterfall that flows into a meandering stream.

A lot more than Butterflies

The Victoria Butterfly Gardens go well beyond butterflies and moths.  The Gardens are home to:

Butterflies – some 75 different species with an overall population of 4,000
• Moths
• Over 200 species of orchids and tropical plants – some even that are the carnivorous variety
• Exquisite Caribbean flamingos and rare tropical birds: parrot, turaco, parakeets, finches and canaries.
• Sulcata and Red Footed Tortoises
• Large Koi swimming in the pond and stream
• Tropical ducks that chirp instead of quacking
• Tree frogs and poison dart frogs
• Chameleons

Nursery Window at Victoria Butterfly Gardens

The Gardens have a nursery window where you can watch the development of butterflies from the larva stage to beautiful specimens – around 500 per week. The wide selection butterflies come from butterfly farms in Costa Rica, Malaysia and London.

The Gardens

The gardens are more of a picturesque rain forest with trees, vines and bushes all nicely placed to house the butterflies and birds. The gardens also serve as a source of food and breading areas. There are daily tours included in the price of the ticket.

Contact Info

Open all week but they have seasonal hours when they are open, so check in advance. Children under 14 years need to be accompanied by an adult. Children under 5 years are admitted free. They have season passes and group rates.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

1461 Benvenuto Ave., Brentwood Bay, BC
Toll free 1.877.722.0272   Tel 250.652.3822

Getting to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens

From Victoria – Travel north on Highway #17 (Patricia Bay); take exit 18 going west – Keating Cross Road which becomes Benvenuto Avenue (same road as Butchart Gardens) – 1461 Benvenuto Ave.
From Sidney, BC Ferries terminal or Airport – Travel south on Highway #17 (Patricia Bay); exit  right at McTavish Road, left on West Saanich Road which becomes Benvenuto Avenue (same road as Butchart Gardens) – 1461 Benvenuto Ave.

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