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Hansel and Gretel’s Candy Company – A Sweets Haven in Chemainus, BC, Vancouver Island

A lot of us share fond memories of candies and sweets overload during childhood. In fact, it’s always a highlight for many important events.However, a lot of people may have not outgrown this predilection to chocolates, toffees and bonbons.If you are planning to visit Chemainus, make sure to visit Hansel and Gretel’s Candy Company, which is home to every imaginable sweet delight to titillate the taste buds and give you a serious dose of sugar rush.

Located on Willow Street in the quaint town of Chemainus, Hansel and Gretel’s Candy Company is a veritable place to find the most succulent candy treats. It’s a candy land for both adults and children alike.I happened to drop by the place with small kids in tow.And as expected, everyone got bright eyed and sported wide smiles at the rare treat of seeing chockfull of candy treats in every color, shape and size.

Chemainus’ Candy Land

The children had a field day checking out rows upon rows of powdered candy tubes, candy corn, salt-water taffy, sour soothers, and so much more.Needless to say, it’s a haven designed to cater to all sweet tooth, young and old.They also offer organic lollipops, which presented a good compromise that the kids and I agreed on.

During our visit, there were a number of families also enjoying their fill of candies.Its no wonder a lot of younger kids succumb into tears and tantrums when its time to leave the shop. For adults, the place takes you back to your childhood years.It’s a great place to visit for souvenirs and treats, which I discovered is actually frequented by both locals and tourists.

A closer look at their selection, you will find that they offer an eclectic collection of modern candies, along with excellent varieties of imported sweets, which you may not be able to find elsewhere on the island.Whether you are on a quick trip or a leisurely vacation, Hansel and Gretel’s Candy Company is definitely worth the stop.

A Sweet Escape, Literally!

Whether you are fond of candies, or you are simply curious about the shop, you are sure to enjoy the experience of going through a full range of candies from all over the world.I personally found the staff amazingly helpful and accommodating, amid the sea of excited children and adults waiting to get their own fill of sweet treats.

Contact Details

Hansel and Gretel’s Candy Company

9748 Willow St, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K1

Phone: 250-246-2059

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