Highlight March by attending the Pacific Rim Whale Festival.

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Tofino Presents The 26th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival

Be a part of history and join everyone in celebrating the 26th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival to be held in Tofino, BC.This event is slated from March 17 to 25, 2012, which is usually attended by people from all over Vancouver Island and other parts of the world. This is a celebration of life, the place and the people in the west coast.

A Popular Annual Event
Every year, Tofino’s own Volunteer Event and Education Committee work hard to provide a a huighly dynamic and electic calendar of event that will best showcase the local talents, the unfettered beauty of the locality and its people. Among the highlights of this 9-day event include education workshops as well as a string of cultural demonstrations and the performing arts.
Over the years, this festival has been well-attended by thousands of people from practically all corners of the world, both local and international tourists.This event alone has been known to generate a significant increase in tourists, which is also one of the goals of this festival, being the largest festival to be held on the entire West Coast of Vancouver Island, BC.

A Popular Spring Destination

Initially, the Pacific Rim Whale Festival was created in order to help raise the awareness on the risks and concerns affecting the marine species and at the same time attract tourists. Over the years, it has grown in scale and prominence, being regarded as one of the major events in Tofino, making it a primary destination during spring season.

The great thing about this event is the fact that while it focuses on promoting and preserving the coastal heritage of the land, it also encourages the spirit of community building.  Without a doubt, this is one of the events many are looking forward to attending, me included.

Among the main events include the following:

• Parade of Whale and Wonders. Join everyone out on the streets and enjoy a parade of stunningly decorated floats.

Blessings of the Boats. This event is held along the coastal community, in participation with the Canadian Coastguard, Tonquin Foundation and RCMP.

• Barnacle Blues. This is a fund-raising event highlighted by an evening of world-class music. It also includes a raffle-style auction with plenty of great prizes to be given out.

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