Nanaimo’s Single Malt Scotch Festival

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This March, Head to Nanaimo, BC for the 9th Wee Tipple Single Malt Scotch Festival

They say real men know their whiskies. Over the generations, the ritual of sharing a fine scotch has become a rite of passage of sorts among males, passed on by fathers to their sons. Now, you can look forward to drinking the finest blends, along with a wide selection of local wines and brews over an extravagant feast and exceptional entertainment at the 9th Wee Tipple Single Malt Scotch Festival in Nanaimo, BC.

A Real Treat for True Aficionados

Join the rest of Vancouver Island, BC certified scotch aficionados and sample some finest whiskies ever distilled and bottled. If you are a local, then you have a fairly good idea that this festival is something true scotch and drink lovers can’t afford to pass up. The event features widely recognised distributors and representatives proudly offering choice samplings of their products amid a highly entertaining and educational environment.

This is a rare treat where you can actually sample some of the highly sought after names and labels, all making their own appearances. If you want to learn a few nifty things about the drink, then be sure to venture out on a later afternoon for a Masterclass and trade event, which will be hosted by highly respected Master Distiller Mike Nicholson.

Nicholson is part of the third generation distiller, and for most of his life, the mysterious charm of the famous amber liquid of Scotch Whisky has been his primary preoccupation. With a deeply rooted family history in the industry, he was introduced the fine art of making and drinking Scotch. Over his 36 career run starting as a quality analyst, Nicholson was able to collect “Whisky Isle” under his belt, primarily for managing Lagavulin. Act both parts of showman and professor, Nicholson will lead the “Presenter’s Table” for the evening’s tastings.

Newbie Scotch Drinkers are Always Welcome

For people who have just recently discovered the great wonders of the liquid gold and those who don’t exactly appreciate wee drams, there are a number of alternative options to choose from, which include a Virgin Bar that will be hosted by Modern Café.

If you have attended last year’s event and enjoyed the tequila table, you’ll be happy to know that it is also scheduled to make a repeat appearance along with other signature drinks and exotic concoctions to regal your taste buds. Of course, the finest drinks are best enjoyed over a sumptuous feast so you can definitely look forward to enjoying great food prepared by guest chefs. From Island seafood to local cheese makers, you can enjoy a full range of delicacies.

More than a festival of whiskies and good food, the Wee Tipple is a fundraising event, which highlights a silent auction with proceeds going to Nanaimo’s contemporary dance. And in consideration of the tough times, any support for the arts is definitely a welcome gesture.

Event Details

Date: Marc 9, 2012 (7PM to 10PM)

Venue: Bowen Park Auditorium, 7PM

Ticket Price: Adult: $55.00



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Title: Appreciate beauty and history at Beacon Hill Park.

Description: Nothing best represents great history than ancient trees. Discover the majestic beauty of Giant Sequoia trees at Beacon Hill Park.

The Giant Sequoia Trees at Beacon Hill Park are Truly a Sight to Behold

Having seen the wrath of nature take different forms and varying intensities, people are scrambling to make amends by adapting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Over the years, I have gradually incorporated the principles of green living into the day to day life of my family. While it initially took conscious efforts to adapt, over time, I have found out that it will eventually come naturally.

A nature love by heart, I always look forward to enjoying the unfettered beauty of some of the world’s finest natural attractions in Vancouver Island, BC. Now for those planning to visit Downtown Victoria, it is a must to pay homage to what is considered to be the finest crowning jewel in Victoria parks, the Beacon Hill Park, which is just a few minutes away from Downtown Victoria.

Unrivaled Beauty of Nature

The park overlooks the Dallas Road Walkway and waterfront, offering a majestic view of the Olympic Mountains and the Juan de Fuca Strait in Washington State. While the park is better known for its flowers, you simply have to check the Giant sequoias that can be found around the park. Designated as a Heritage Tree site, Beacon Hill Park boasts an extensive collection of majestic trees that are truly awe-inspiring to see. Make sure to check the one located on the Circle Drive area, which was said to have been planted way back 1913.

Giant sequoias, also known as one of the largest species of trees in the world, are native to California, which were imported to the region during the turn of the century. These are impressively large trees that boast a distinct reddish bark, soaring skywards all without tapering significantly. Among the tallest ones recorded reached a height of 122 metres (400 feet) tall.

A Great Historical Piece

Aside from the sequoias, other ancient native varieties include Garry Oak and Douglas fir, along with a full range of other exotic species. When visiting Beacon Hill Park, the trees are hard to miss due to its imposing stature. Make sure to take a closer look and appreciate what world champion specie really looks like up close. The mere thought that these trees have lived for so many years and several human lifetimes over is truly a memorable experience nature lovers will truly appreciate.


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Title Tag: Take a historical visit to Craigdarroch Castle at Victoria, BC.

Description Tag: When planning to visit Victoria, don’t miss the truly impressive sight of the great Craigdarroch Castle, a key piece of BC’s history.

Craigdarroch Castle is the Top Must-See Places in Victoria, BC

Whether you are fond of historical places, you share a fascination with great architectural places or just plain curious, don’t miss the spectacle that will greet you at the sight of the great and famous Craigdarroch Castle. Yes, you can read that again! An ancient castle we often talk about in fairy tales and see in movies – there’s one right in Victoria, BC.

A Recognised Historical Piece

The Craigdarroch Castle is steeped with fascinating history of the wealthy and influential Dunsmuir family. This mansion, which now a historic house museum is recognised as a key piece of British Columbia’s rich and colorful history. It has been designated as one of the finest Canada’s National Historic Sites, and has continued to be nothing short of legendary tourist attraction in Vancouver Island, BC.

It has been awhile since I last visited a place. With a few great friends from overseas coming for a visit, it was not surprising that Craigdarroch Castle was on top of their list as one of the attractions they want to check out. When you venture out to the area, it’s so easy to be dumbstruck at its magnificence, as it is truly a great example of a “bonanza castle” that boasts massive structures built by men who have amassed their wealth due to the industrial transformation of North America.

An Impressive Architectural Piece

In fact, three of the Dunsmuir’s American business associates were said to be railroad entrepreneurs who all have also managed to build their own bonanza castles, namely: Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford and Collis P. Huntington. These great American connections are easily reflected in Craigdarroch Castle, which was designed by architect Warren Heywood Williams of Portland, Oregon. When the famous architect died while the construction as still ongoing, Arthur L. Smith, who is a member of the same architectural firm, stepped in and completed the project with the assistance of William’s own son, David L. Williams.

As soon as you step into the castle, the magnificent interior oak paneling is easily one of the remarkable details, which were fabricated by A.H. Andrews Company of Chicago. It was made from a white oak that had been felled down owned by the subsidiary Andrews Lumber Company in Arkansas. The rich pre-fabricated elements, which include the stairs, the window frames, doors and all 2, 182 panels, were shipped from Chicago to Inner Harbour Victoria using 5 railcars back in 1890.

Other equally great wood varieties that have been used in the interiors include a Spanish mahogany you can find in the Library, cherry, which was beautifully showcased in the breakfast room and window sashes all throughout the castle, western red cedar found in Potre Cochere entrance, and Hawaiian koa on the drawing room floor. It is also hard to miss the multi-patterned parquetry that beautifully sets the stage all throughout the castle, using fine wood selections such as jarra, maple, holly, walnut, and oak.

In addition, Craigdarroch Castle is also home to the finest collections of stunning Victorian stained and leaded glass windows in all of North America. Topped with a red slate roof, it is so easy to see why more than just the ancient structure itself, its interiors never to draw admiring gasps from visitors due to its sheer understated opulence.


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