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Are you an avid beer drinker? If so, you should take time to visit the Tofino Brewing Company.This beer company provides the perfect balance of high quality small batch beers and warm, friendly service.

Local Beer with World-Class Taste

If it is your first time in Tofino, BC, this local brewery is a necessary stop on your way in to town.Whether you want to grab a Growler for takeout, or you are in to take a sample of their latest or just simply interested to have a tour in their brewery, their staff are more than willing to go out of their way and make you feel most welcome.I am looking forward to grabbing my next growler of their awesome Coffee Porter soon.So far, that is my favorite.

The pale ale, the IPA, the wheat ale and the expresso porter are just four of their products that I have tried so far.Wheat ales are really not my thing but when I tried the Tofino Brewing Company’s IPA, I have got to tell you that it was one of the best beers I have ever had, and their expresso porter was extremely flavourful.I strongly suggest beer drinkers to visit Tofino.

About Tofino Brewing Company

The Tofino Brewing Company is proud to inform everyone that they are now open on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.Whether you have ventured out on a surf adventure there, spent a weekend, or you were born and raised on the peninsula, you already know what a beautiful and amazing part of Vancouver Island, BC it is.The brewery plans to offer more natural, fresh and craft beer to the current long list of things that make Tofino such a wonderful place.

Exclusive small batch, handcrafted ales are solely brewed in Tofino Brewing Company that pairs and fits best with the life on the West Coast. Their unfiltered, natural beer is processed with whole ingredients only using hops, barley, water and yeast.Serving as the backbone of their beer is high quality Canadian pale malt and as well as European specialty malts which are brought in for body and character.A healthy proportion of hops are being brewed which are absolutely grown in the Pacific Northwest along with fresh Clayoquot Sound water of course.

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