Amazing Caving Adventures on Vancouver Island

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Ever wondered what the world looks like below your feet? One of the most popular activities to do is a caving adventure on Vancouver Island, BC.

From exploration activies underground that are perfectly suitable and fun for children to breathtaking rappeling down rock walls, it’s all there for you at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. If you are the adventurous type and like the thrill of exploring places that have never been visible to millions of people dwelling on this planet, start planning your trip, and you can include your young family.

Exploring the Underworld is Always Exciting at Horne Lake Caves

The Horne Lake Cave Provincial Park is about 60 km north of Nanaimo and 26 km west of Qualicum. From Highway 19, take the Horn Lake exit. The park has  magnificent caves and caverns that people can explore in group tours or by walking tours  and there is a self-guided exploration tour available all-year round.

There are easy family tour packages, plus tours for extreme adventure enthusiasts:

• Three family tours are:

– The 1½ hour Family Cavern Tour

– The 3 hour Wet and Wild Tour (can include children 8-11)

– The 3 hour Ice Age Tour (can include children 8-11)

• The High Advernture Tour (over age 13)

• The 5 hour Extreme Rappel Tour (over age 15)

You can try also try the “Underground Extreme” where you rappel down a seven-storey high waterfall; “Night Caving”; and “Outdoor Rock Rappelling”; among other adventures. Indeed, there’s something for everyone at the Horne Lake Caves Park.

Those who are planning to see the caves are advised to check tour availability and cave access before they arrive. Visitors are advised to wear warm clothes and sturdy boots.  You can take pictures inside the caves – so, don’t forget your camera!

The Park is a Great Place to Camp and Have Fun

Some of the most amazing activities to do in Canada can be done right at the Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park and a plethora of fun things are waiting to be experienced:

• Campers will be delighted with the teepees, picnic areas, and lakefront campsites, which are scattered throughout the park. In fact, many of the tourists who visit the site are drawn to the teepee camp-outs. There are sites for tents and RVs.

• Water sport fans can engage in canoeing, boating, and kayaking by taking advantage of the rentals avialable, and will be pleased with the affordable rates.

• Hikers and trekkers will definitely love the breathtaking ancient fossils and crystal formations in the caves.

• If you visit the Cave Theater, you will have a greater appreciation for the conservation of the caves:

– The caving program at Horne Lake is deemed the best in the entire country because the caves are kept in their natural state and the management makes sure that they remain largely underdeveloped.

– None of the caves have had sidewalks or permanent lighting installed.

– The cave floors are uneven and rocky.

• Another interesting activity in the park is trail walking. The park has approximately 2 kms of hiking trails and, if you have a pet dog, you can take it along with you as long as it’s leashed.

• Bicycles can be used on the roads but not the cave trails.

The Provincial Park is Open Year Round

Before scheduling a trip to the Horne Lake Caves, check out the camping rules to ensure that you and your family will have a safe adventure-filled vacation. In addition, plan your itinerary of things to do to make the best use of your time in the park – there’s a lot of fun activities available!

The Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is open the whole year, and so you can simply set a date for your exciting getaway!

To check out transportation options to reach the Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park, check out our Vancouver Island travel page.

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