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One doesn’t always have to drive to Victoria or Vancouver to look for fun or unusual events – check out Nanaimo for something to do in your free time. Now that the Port Theatre is there, the city brings in some high end venues which brings some attention to the other fun attractions like the local theatre group and welcoming pubs that provide live and local music. Quite often you will find a festival here, and it will likely have a nautical theme. And be sure to check the calendar of events to find some free activities for the family.

Get to Know the Local Arts and Music Scene in Nanaimo

For local bands and music, check out David James and Big River doing a little Johnny Cash tribute on Sept. 21 at the Simon Holt Centre, at 6582 Applecross Rd. Tickets are $25 at the door, or $20 in advance. Word is that the singer is eerily close to the Man in Black, and gets great reviews every time.

Also on Sept. 21, there is a high energy, classic rock group performing at the Mt. Benson Legion, 1630 E. Wellington. You can get tickets for the Malloomba Boogie Band at Fascinating Rhythm on 51 Commercial St. for $15 and dance your butt off.

If you prefer something a little bit more low key and classic, the Port Theatre has the Classic Coffee Concert Series with all time favourite Sarah Hagen (and friends) A series of 6, starting Sept. 24th at 10:30 am at the Port Theatre. You will find your tickets there, members cost is 30$ per concert. You can also find which concert you’d prefer to see, if not all 6 on their website too.

The local theater group, Theatre One is putting on a series of indie films at the Avalon Cinema starting Sept 29-30th and going into the New Year. First on the list is called Love is All You Need and stars Pierce Brosnan in a Danish film set in Italy. I have seen the trailer and it looks to be a romantic comedy without the Hollywood cheese. Tickets are $12 and new movies run once or twice a month. For a list of movie times, check out our Nanaimo events calendar.

Nanaimo Features Great Free Events Throughout the Fall

A couple of free things are coming too….like an improv class for kids, ages 8-14 at the Harbourfront Library, on Sept.27. Coached by playwright/actor Nicolle Nattrass, the class is an hour and starts at 3:45. What a fun way to build skills and confidence for young performers!
Artus Pocus Street Art Competition is also a free event and is downtown on Commercial St, Sept. 27-29. Each group gets a 4 by 6 area of sidewalk to create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk. Advanced artists get a chance to compete for a prize.

A Nanaimo Yoga Studio has Inspired the Community to “Be the Change”

And in the health/wellness sector, there is a movement circulating around the yoga community. It’s called ‘Be The Change’ and is inspired by Ghandi’s belief that change must happen on an internal level before applying it to the world around us. Of course! That makes so much sense, but how many of us actually do it? Now you can be involved in something contagious, just drop into Red Door Yoga for a Karma card, perform the task, and log on to the studio’s Facebook page to share the experience to inspire others. They are at 7282 Aulds Rd, Lantzville. It’s a free movement, and runs from Sept.17 to Oct. 31st.

Take a Bite Out of Nanaimo’s Top Restaurants

If the idea of sampling delicious foods from 15 different eateries, pubs, restaurants and delis appeal to your senses, then take part in Bite of Nanaiamo, coming on Oct. 18 from 4-9 at Beban Park Auditorium. Tickets are 15$ in advance by calling 250-754-7587, and chances are high that you will leave there very satisfied, so wear some elastic waist pants for maximum room.

Nanaimo has always had a history of entertainment on their calender of events, mainly because of the close proximity to the Vancouver ferry and being a mid-island port city, brings visitors from the surrounding areas to explore the diverse happenings and free fun.

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