The Natural Wonders of Strathcona Park Lodge & Training

Outdoor Adventures

Strathcona Park Lodge & Training Centre is a natural wonderland for climbers, hikers, campers, kayakers, and students. The Lodge is a self-sufficient haven for those seeking adventure and a beautiful place to unwind and have someone else do all the healthy cooking.

The park itself is the oldest Provincial Park in BC, all 250,000 hectares of it. It was founded in 1911 and most of the area is undeveloped although that doesn’t stop deep wilderness hikers from delving in to camp or take a hike. The main areas popular for camping in the summer is Buttle Lake and Forbidden Plateau.

Strathcona’s Canadian Outdoor Leadership Program

Started in 1959 by schoolteachers Jim and Myrna Boulding, the Lodge was then only operating a summer program. But as it grew in popularity and people like writer and naturalist Roderick Haig-Brown got involved, it wasn’t long before the couple left teaching for good and focused on the developement of the programs for outdoor leadership.

Other influential enviromentalists helped Jim and Myrna with their vision, and it wasn’t long before the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Program (COLT) was born. Now people come from all over to take the course or attend one of the summer programs offered at the Centre. This was such an accomplishment for the founders; they were awarded the Heaslip Award for Environmental Stewardship in 1986.

Strathcona Lodge’s Luxuries

If you’re not interested in attending the educational part of Strathcona and your awareness is already raised, there is the option of just hanging out at the self-sufficient Lodge and going for the all-inclusive package. That way, you don’t have to cook or even plan activities for yourself or anyone else.

There are two restaurants on site and both are health-consious and freshly delicious. Myrna’s is open in the summer and is a menu service to guests and locals. The Whaleroom is a family buffet-style restaurant with set times and is open April to November. The chefs are committed to buying local ingredients and creating nutricious meals.

The activities available for your stay are on a schedule, but you can sign up for all or none, depending on your energy level. There are rope courses, tree climbing, rock wall or climbing, soccer, kayaking, zip lines, and more. The Lodge makes its own power and cleans its own water to make it an eco-friendly place to visit. With a small store, liquor store, boat rental marina, and a barn for seminars and dances, there’s no reason to not visit this place.

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