The Royal BC Museum is a True Journey through Time

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Visiting the Royal BC Museum is a great plan for when the weather is not enjoyable, or for entertaining kids in an educational way for a few hours.

Conveniently located alongside the Inner Harbour in Downtown Victoria, the Royal BC Museum has a few historical features on its property before you even get in the door. One of them is a First Nature Garden, a collection of indigenous plants arranged by their particular zones. There is the Coast Forest, the Dry Interior, and the Alpine. Two other rare beds are zoned to a sand dune and a wetlands with species of creatures you may not see anywhere else. Many of the plants featured were used by First Nations people for healing, eating, and rituals.

Up and Coming Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss

One of the big draws to the museum is the ever changing exhibits. Until Nov. 11, you can see Tradition in Felicities which is a display of one of the oldest known Chinese Freemason Lanterns. The information that comes along with it is a look at Chinatown’s history in Victoria.

Next year there will be the “We Call Them Vikings” exhibition, a rare and closer look at a culture and civilization not many are familiar with. Rare artifacts representing the Vikings’ domestic life, death rituals, and the significance of their craft, mythology, and symbolism of their ships will be present; some items have never been shown before outside of Scandinavia. The exhibit will be available to the public from May 16 to Nov. 11, 2014.

Treat and Educate Your Mind with these Museum Activities

In addition to the starring exhibits, there are the regular galleries which are always a big hit with visitors. To name a few, there are the Natural History, First Nations, and Modern History galleries which display past fashions, toys, vintage items, media, and other flashbacks to the past. You can tour a replica of the HMS Discovery and walk through the past in the Gold Rush era as well.

The BC Archives is also available for viewing, with a few displays offering viewers a look at the original diaries and documents from VIPs of BC’s early days, along with some photos.

The Imax Theater is a great way to finish up your tour. There is a wide variety of shows going on right now. Until Nov. 11 you can see and experience Antarctic Adventures, or if you are more into warmer places, try Kenya: Animal Kingdom. There is also Flight of the Butterflies with a late 60s, Disney film feel. Also playing is Hidden Universe, set up as a space-based double feature with the film Space Junk; both open on the same day. Most showings run from one to four times a day, so check for your choice’s times.

The Royal BC Museum is a fascinating way to go on a journey through time that has been carefully recreated by the curators with fun and diversity in mind.

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