Tugwell Creek Farm is a Haven for Mead Lovers & First-Time Tasters

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I’ve always wanted to try mead. Of course, I’d like to take my first sip in a proper setting – not bought at a liquor store, or at a restaurant surrounded by strangers. I’d rather taste it in a local setting, a family business run by passion and fueled by bees.

So I was very pleased to hear that Vancouver Island has its own meadery! The first in BC, I might add, called Tugwell Creek Farm and Meadery.

A Brief Explanation of What Mead is exactly

Mead itself hasn’t changed much over the years. The ingredients are the same: honey and water, fermented with yeast and sometimes hops or grains. Fruit and berries can be added along with spices like cloves or cinnamon. It really depends on the tradition of the country (and there are many that make it), or the festive occasion involved. The word ‘honeymoon’ itself comes from this beverage as it was once used as a traditional wedding drink long ago. Mead has been swilled around the cups of Ancient Greeks and Norse men and women, royalty has celebrated with it, and it has even inspired a poem or two.

Owners Bob Liptrot and Dana Le Comte know all about this history, and with many years under their belts of beekeeping, it seemed natural to them to add meadery to Tugwell’s title of farm and honey production.

Select from Meads and Honey at this Vancouver Island Attraction

Tugwell Creek Farm and Meadery is located at 8750 West Coast Road in beautiful Sooke, BC, just under an hour’s drive away from Victoria. While you’re there, pick up some Bob and Dana’s Honey for your immune system. There are trace amounts of local pollen in it to fend off allergies and boost immunity. With types to choose from like Fireweed, Wildflower, Maple, Blackberry, and Field Blossom, it will be a challenge buying just one.

The same goes for the mead. Depending on what you’ve learned from a tasting, there are the following options:

  • Harvest Melomel, a seasonal mead with a fruity palate.
  • Original Sin Cyser Mead, a sparkling mead with a soft brandied finish.
  • Acerglyn Maple Mead, a sweet, after dinner apertif.
  • Kickass Currant, a modern mead/wine with cassis and honey, kissed by oak.
  • Solstice Metheglin, a dry mead with a blend of ginger and spices.
  • Vintage Sac, a sweet, honey, and floral mead.
  • Wassail Blush, an award-winning sweet berry and floral mead.

Tastings are offered from Wednesday to Sunday in May to September at 12 to 5pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from October to April at 12 to 5pm.

A Love of Mead and Honey Makes for Award-Winning Tastes Abound

Since their debut in 2003, the meadery aspect of Tugwell Creek Farm has earned them Best Wine of 2012 by CBC along with several other awards. Bob Liptrot is very proactive in the health and preservation of bees and nurtures agricultural research (in his spare time), and is involved in many apiarist (beekeeper) organizations as well.

Mead is a special brew that has lasted throughout the ages, and it seems that this drink made from honey with the occasional fruits and spices is very much loved. With its deep roots to the past, one would imagine that trying it for the first time would be like being on a trip to Europe. But now you don’t have to venture far; just come to Tugwell Creek Farm and Meadery in Sooke and sample its many varieties of the local brew, and a ton of honey too.

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