Salt Spring Island is a Wine and Cheese Lovers’ Paradise


There is so much to write about when it comes to this small but bountiful island. Amazing community spirit, a healthy attitude, a supportive artistic lifestyle, and artisan food producers all make this Vancouver Island attraction worth the visit.

Though summer is the big tourist season, the fun never stops here. You can still surround yourself with lovely things to look at, eat, and drink. Visiting the island’s vineyards are always a fun idea, even if you know nothing about wine; it’s a great way to educate yourself, and if you don’t care about what’s trending in terms of wine flavours, then at least you can find out what you like and possibly find a stable favorite.

One of Three Vineyards on Salt Spring Island is a Bed and Breakfast!

There are three vineyards currently on Salt Spring Island. The first is Garry Oaks, a traditional French style winery that produces Pinot Gris and Blanc de Noir. The vintners have come up with a couple of unique creations called Prism and Zweigelt. Prism is a special blend of Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay, while Zweigelt is an Austrian red wine with Black Cherry, raspberry, and a hint of toasted oak.

The second location is Mistaken Identity Vineyards, the brainchild of a small co-op of professionals. They went at it like a business, and their hard work has won them several medals as a result. They offer wine tastings which vary from season to season, usually from noon to 5pm or 6pm depending on the time of year. Something else I think is brilliant is their Wine Club; when you become a member it gives you four bottles per shipment, three times a year. Plus, the orders are discounted. Now there’s no excuse to be in the wine loop if you’re an aficionado.

Then there is Salt Spring Vineyards, which doubles as a remarkable bed and breakfast. I say remarkable because it has earned itself a 3.5 rating for “the Best Place to Kiss in the Northwest”. And once you see the rooms the owners have to offer, you’ll see why. You have a choice of either the Winery Room or the Vineyard Room for a 2-night stay. There has been a real effort made to ensure the guests of privacy and intimacy, hence the breakfast in a basket brought to your door. So go and indulge!

Make the Most of your Salt Spring Island Wine Tasting with Delicacies

Cheese is always something that will accompany wine wonderfully…and wouldn’t you know it, there are 2 cheese makers on Salt Spring Island! Moonstruck Cheese Organic Farm gets their milk from purebred Jersey cows (the lovely brown ones) and their cheese comes in nice packages with names like Blossom’s Blue, Savoury Moon, White Moon, and White Grace.

Salt Spring Island Cheese Company, on the other hand, has a delectable product as well called Chevré, which is a soft ripened goat cheese that comes in a variety of great flavours to try such as Chili, Lemon, Garlic, or White Truffle. You can also find feta, hard cheese, and a surface-ripened one called Juliette, done in a Camembert style.

Expect the finest artisan bread from any of the bakeries as well for a bit of weight and substance to your tasty treasures. It will be perfect.

High-quality foods are the norm here on Salt Spring Island, and it is well on its way to being a micro-Europe to Vancouver Island. Enjoy what this bountiful place has to offer, and pamper yourself in one of the many beautiful B&B’s that cater to foodies and romance seekers.

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