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Thursday, March 5, 2015 – Festival Nanaimo: 6 Guitars starring Chase Padgett – 7:30pm at the Port Theatre in Downtown Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo is holding its very first annual festival called Festival Nanaimo! This new event will take place on separate days throughout March 2015 and is guaranteed to provide lots of fun for every one of every age, ranging from free family events to special occasions at the Port Theatre.

Kicking off Nanaimo festival is 6 Guitars, starring Chase Padgett. Padgett is his own spectacular one-man show, presenting a pitch-perfect performance as he fills the role of 6 different musicians with their own voice, music, and viewpoints on the world – in this case, Blues, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk, and Country. Each of Padgett’s characters will share their own humorous and passionate songs and stories that will reveal to its audience just how music can truly bring everyone together.

Opening out the show will be The Lion, The Bear, The Fox Band, a three-man band starring Christopher Arruda (the lion), Cory Woodward (the bear), and Ryan McMahon (the fox). Since the release of their debut EP “We’d Be Good Men” in October 2013, their unique, character-driven music has spread like wildfire throughout both BC and Alberta, as well as the genuine sincerity and energy they present in each performance.

Start out Festival Nanaimo by attending what is sure to be a fantastic musical experience!

Nanaimo Event Details: 

Event: Festival Nanaimo: 6 Guitars starring Chase Padgett

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015. 7:30pm.

Location: Port Theatre (125 Front Street), Downtown Nanaimo, BC         

Prices: $24

Tickets: Buy online or contact the box office

Contact: Email: or phone: 250-754-8550 

Official website:  

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