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If you’re looking for an amazing diving vacation, make your way to the famous Vancouver Island beaches that offer underwater fun and exploration. You will have the thrill of diving into coastal waters at some of the world’s best diving destinations. In fact, the international diving community considers Vancouver Island waters the second best—the first is the Red Sea—in terms of marine life diversity and water clarity. If you are not a diver, you can still look forward to some great snorkeling opportunities.

From mind-blowing natural reefs and walls to incredible ancient shipwrecks to creative artificial reefs, there are lots of exciting opportunities that await divers both seasoned and beginner. Plus, the waters are teeming with vibrant marine creatures such as rockfish, anemones, giant sponges, wolf eels, and the giant Pacific octopus.

Award-Winning Diving Awaits You 

Scuba Diving Magazine hails BC waters as offering the best diving in North America. Vancouver Island has received the following Readers Choice Awards: best in North America for overall rating of the diving, best wall diving, best underwater photography, and second healthiest marine environment. Diving in BC is also included in the National Geographic’s “Ultimate Adventure Bucket List of 2014.”

There are Excellent Diving Spots and Opportunities 

Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs – Your underwater journey around Vancouver Island will not be complete without diving to see the historic shipwrecks and deliberately sunk ships and boats. The latter choice is more suitable for beginners, as these locations have been made safe with purpose-sunk ships in ideal diving spots. For adventurous divers, there are lots of popular shipwreck sites like the Boeing 737 jet, sunken warships, and the WWII supply ship, which is the world’s second biggest artificial reef. 

Underwater Photography – Underwater, you’ll be treated to photo ops of amazing sea life and a visual feast of colours, shapes, and textures that will surely please every photographer. The vibrant colours of rock walls covered with strawberry-pink anemones are just one of those sights that you won’t be able to resist photographing. 

Link Up with Expert Diving Operators 

To make the most of your experience—and to ensure your safety—dive with expert diving operators in British Columbia. A typical diving package includes boat charters, accommodations, diving gear, and diving guides.

For example, Sink or Swim Scuba in Nanaimo is a five-star Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) facility. This company offers scuba and snorkeling gear rental and sales, PADI scuba certification courses, and tours led by a dive master.

Remember These Practical Tips and Pointers 

  • Don’t dive without a guide or, if experienced, without a diving buddy. It’s not safe to venture out on your own unless you and your buddy are expert, experienced divers; otherwise, it’s best to enlist the services of a reliable diving guide.
  • If you don’t want to bring your own gear because of luggage constraints, you can rent gear from various local dive shops upon presentation of your “Proof of Diver Certification.”
  • Consult local tide tables before your diving trip. Remember that tidal currents vary widely and it’s important to get in touch with dive shops and charter operators to receive updated information about diving conditions.
  • The temperature of BC waters ranges from 8˚ to 12˚Celsius (46˚ to 53˚ Fahrenheit). For best visibility, dive during the fall and winter months.

For an incredible journey that you’ll never forget, head to Vancouver Island’s beaches and have a great time exploring the underwater beauty.

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