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Saturday, March 14, 2015 – Festival Nanaimo: Nanaimo Events – Nanaimo Bar NONE Variety Show – 7:30pm at the Port Theatre in Downtown Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo is holding its very first annual festival called Festival Nanaimo! This new event will take place on separate days throughout March 2015 and is guaranteed to provide lots of fun for every one of every age, ranging from free family events to special occasions at the Port Theatre.

The next event gets a little sweeter, as this variety show celebrates the most classic part of the city itself: the Nanaimo bar! This is the second year for this annual event to take place presented by the Vancouver Island Symphony.

The show will feature all kinds of musical and talented showcases, including Miss Nanaimo – a superb a tap dancer – the Malaspina Choir, live poetry, and more. One of the shows to look forward to will be the Vancouver Island Symphony’s take on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, complete with costumes and batting practice, as well as an interesting interaction between the “umpire” and one of the “players”.

To top off this musical event, there will be samples offered of Nanaimo-based treats including bars and ice cream in the lobby of the Port Theatre for everyone.

Come join us at Festival Nanaimo for this fun and tasty event!

Nanaimo Event Details: 

Event: Festival Nanaimo: Nanaimo Bar NONE Variety Show

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015. 7:30pm.

Location: Port Theatre (125 Front Street), Downtown Nanaimo, BC         

Prices: General: $24. Students: $15. eyeGO: $5.

Tickets: Buy online or contact the box office

Contact: Email: or phone: 250-754-8550 

Official website: 

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