Nanaimo Events: 2015 Silly Boat Regatta is Family Fun for All

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What happens when you gather hundreds of people from local businesses and organizations, give them five hours to build a boat and then race it? Absolute silliness and a whole lot of money being raised for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre to help reduce the number of families waiting for access to services offered through the CDC. 

The Rules are Simple

silly boatThe number one rule is to have fun and that doesn’t mean just the participants. The energy, colour, sights and sounds of this event date back to 1984 and the event has evolved into one of the Harbour City’s most entertaining. No boat kits or prefabricated hulls are allowed. No motors are permitted and while material can be pre-cut, they cannot be pre-assembled.

The Silly Boat Regatta sees more than 40 teams decked out in various costumes building themed boats and bribing the judges while trying to impress them with team spirit and creativity.

Once the boats are built, they are tested in a series of heats that last about 10 minutes each. Prizes for the first to sink give spectators something to cheer for while keeping the light-hearted competition at the forefront.

Maffeo Sutton Park in Downtown Nanaimo transforms as creativity takes priority over seamanship, although safety is always paramount of course, and entertainment abounds. Bring a picnic or check out the food trucks and make a day of it for the entire family.

Nanaimo Child Development Centre Silly Boat Regatta

Sunday, July 19th

8am – building starts

10am – Crafts, Photo and Vendor Booths, SportsZone and Children’s Mini-Regatta

1pm – Silly Boat Races Start

Silly Boats 2014 077 redone

Visit for full details.

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