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A big, fun part of Festival Nanaimo returns for the third year running! Grab your eye patch and get ready to say “Arr!” at this year’s annual PirateFest.

The fun officially begins at Country Club Mall on the 22nd, where kids can come see the Purple Pirate himself and get involved with the arts and crafts available. Then visit downtown Nanaimo on the 25th to see all kinds of family-friendly goings-on, such as a sword and archery station, scavenger hunt, crafts, and more. One of the highlights will be the pirate-themed parade at noon led by the Purple Pirate himself, followed by his own magic show at the Port Theatre. For the parents there will be free coffee served by a McCafe truck on the site. Come join the fun dressed in your best pirate costume and your best pirate accent!

To attend the Purple Pirate’s magic show at the Port Theatre, tickets can be purchased online at the official website listed below ($15 cost). All other events during the PirateFest are free!

Event Name: 3rd Annual PirateFest

Date: Thursday, March 22 to Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time: 11am-1pm Mar. 22-24. 11am-3:30pm Mar. 25.

Location: Country Club Mall (March 22-24), Diana Krall Plaza & Harbourfront Library in Downtown Nanaimo (March 25).

Contact: Festival Nanaimo

Telephone: 250-754-0177


Official website:

Cost: Free.

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