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Why should kids have all the fun hunting for Easter eggs? Now that you’re an adult, we know there are fewer chances for that sort of fun now. That’s where The Proving Grounds comes in to change things up!

The Easter Egg Brawl, Proving Grounds’ second annual event, is the first of its kind (that we’re aware of) to involve weapons in an Easter egg hunt. The rules sound simple enough: when they say go, you’ll go hunting. Your mission is to find as much candy around the designated area as possible, but be careful – your competitors are armed and looking to steal your stash! Getting ‘killed’ not only means a setback from respawn delay, but also your ‘killer’ gets to take a handful of your candy for themselves!

Hidden around the area will also be one very special type of candy. Whoever finds the most of this special candy by the end of the search will not only be crowned as champion, but also receive a special prize!


Event Name: The Second Annual Easter Egg Brawl

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017

Time: 12pm to 3pm

Location: Beban Park, 2300 Bowen Road, Nanaimo

Contact: Blake Holmes

Telephone: 250-616-1991


Official website:

Cost: Adults: $25. Members: $12.

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