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If you’re in need of a good laugh this coming weekend, look no further than Nanaimo! For two days only in town TheatreOne proudly presents “God is a Scottish Drag Queen”. The show is performed and written by Canadian comedian Mike Delamont, a 15-time “Best of the Fest” winner and 3-time Canadian Comedy Award Nominee.

In what’s declared “one of the funniest stand-up routines ever” according to the Orlando Weekly, the omnipotent playwright, dressed in a floral power suit, appears as the Almighty and descends from above to skewer everything you can think of from the Pope to Justin Bieber. He has chosen to present himself in this manner so that he may clear up some misunderstandings about himself and his role as Creator.

“Hilarious, divinely and wickedly funny” (says the Montreal Gazette), find out more this weekend about what a Vancouver reviewer calls a “show with a comedian who stays in character the whole time and who provides humorous insight into what religion is and what it has become.”

Event Name: “God is a Scottish Drag Queen”

Date: Friday, April 21 to Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Malaspina theatre at VIU campus, 900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo

Contact: Nadine Wiepning

Telephone: 250-754-7587


Official website:

Cost: Student: $15. General: $29.

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