Victoria Events – The Great Canadian Beer Festival

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Victoria Events-The Great Canadian Beer Festival

Since 1993 the Great Canadian Beer Festival has been a top event in Victoria by craft beer and brewing fans alike! This event is held the weekend after Labour Day. When it was originally initiated the festival once hosted at least 70 different beers from 23 breweries found in Canada and its Pacific Northwest. Now, that number has quadrupled to over 60 breweries serving over 4500 people!

There’s also some great food to go with the great beer. Visit Vendor’s Row and have a slice of pizza from Ali Baba’s or a burger from Deadbeetz Burgers, tacos from Taco Justice, Greek cuisine from Greek on the Street, perogies from Hungry Rooster, or some spring rolls from Mama Rosie’s. Whatever fare you pair with your beer, it’s bound to be delicious!

If you’re a craft beer fan, add this event to your bucket list now. Tickets are available now at the official website.

Event Name: The Great Canadian Beer Festival

Date: Friday, September 8 to Saturday, September 9, 2017

Time: 4pm to 9pm Fri.; 12pm to 5pm Sat.

Location: Royal Athletic Park, 1014 Caledonia Avenue, Victoria

Contact: Great Canadian Beer Festival


Official website:

Cost: $40.

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