Victoria Events – Tea, Whisky, and Chocolate Tasting

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Victoria Events-Tea, Whisky, and Chocolate Tasting

Terroir Tea Salon in Victoria is hosting its first-ever licensed tasting event! Come for a tasting of the finest tea, whisky, and chocolate Canada has to offer at this exclusive event.

Four single malt whiskies will be served by Adam Bradshaw, the Whisky Manager at the Strath Liquor Store. Four exciting bean-to-bar chocolates will make their Canadian debuts courtesy of David Mincey, the founder of The Chocolate Project. Topping off the menu at this event will be four pure teas selected to highlight their aroma and flavour fusions and contrasts by the Terroir Tea Salon.

Space to this event is limited to 20 people, so call or email the salon today to register. See below for contact details.

Please note that this is an event available only to those aged 19+.

Event Name: Tea, Whisky, and Chocolate Tasting

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017

Time: 6pm to 7:30pm

Location: Terroir Tea Salon, Victoria

Contact: Terroir Tea Salon

Telephone: 778-747-2739 (BREW)


Official website:

Cost: $50 (including tax).

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