Salt Spring Island Fall Events – Harvest Grape Stomp 2017

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Salt Spring Island Events-Harvest Grape Stomp 2017

One of Salt Spring Island’s best parties this season is their annual Grape Stomp! Now is your chance to compete against others in stomping grapes at the Salt Spring Vineyards. The end result is always delicious.

Bring a picnic blanket or some lawn chairs with you and watch the fun as our competitors stomp away. Enjoy the live music performed by Synergy, David Lippincott, and The Dry Land Trainers. Grab lunch from the FIX taco truck if you haven’t brought a picnic basket yourself! Wines are also available to sample from the Vineyards winery.

If wine or the art of wine pressing has always been of interest to you, then this is not an event you want to miss!

Event Name: Harvest Grape Stomp

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time: 12pm to 4pm

Location: Salt Spring Vineyards, 151 Lee Road, Salt Spring Island

Contact: Salt Spring Vineyards

Telephone: 250-653-9463


Official website:

Cost: free.

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