Nanaimo Winter Events – Vancouver Island Symphony presents: Mozart and a Drum Roll

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Nanaimo Winter Events-Vancouver Island Symphony presents Mozart and a Drum Roll

Vancouver Island Symphony’s ‘Mozart and a Drum Roll” will be performed in Nanaimo on Saturday, January 20th.  Christopher (Kyung Won) Lee, principal clarinet with the Vancouver Island Symphony, is the guest artist for this 2018 opening performance. 

This is going to be a night of wonderful music and celebration – Christopher Lee just got married. He and his new wife, Jenny, met about a year ago when Christopher was conducting (for the Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church Choir/Orchestra). Jenny came with one of the choir members. Then at one of the concerts, in which she was singing (Korean old-style pop music), he proposed to her in front of the audience. Music also played a big role at the wedding. Christopher’s mother played the piano; Jenny sang, both Christopher and his father played their clarinets.

Christopher is honoured to be performing Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major for the audience in Nanaimo. This piece is the most well-known classical clarinet piece, the very last instrumental work Mozart wrote before he died. This piece is filled with beauty, emotion, refinement and discovery.

The programme also brings the Haydn “composing” brothers together – sibling symphonic joy! We will hear Symphony No. 103 by Joseph Haydn. This symphony is nicknamed The Drumroll after the long roll on the timpani with which it begins.  We will also hear a piece written by Joseph’s younger brother, Michael Haydn – and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony no.37.  Mozart added an introduction to a symphony by Michael Haydn and scholars did not notice that the rest of the work was not by Mozart until 1907.  Musical intrigue – was it on purpose or a collaboration? Perhaps Pierre Simard, VI Symphony’s Artistic Director can give some insight at the pre-concert talk at6:30 pm.

Music Moves this season with the Vancouver Island Symphony. For tickets and more information,  please visit  Keeping Music Live!

Event Name: Vancouver Island Symphony presents: Mozart and a Drum Roll

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Time: 7:30pm

Location: The Port Theatre, 125 Front Street, downtown Nanaimo

Contact: The Port Theatre

Telephone: 250-754-8550

Official website:

Cost: Students: $18. Adults: $33-54.

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