Chemainus Winter Events – Chemainus Theatre Presents: Once

Chemainus Events

Chemainus Winter Events-Chemainus Theatre Presents: Once

Chemainus Theatre proudly presents its very first show of the 2018 season! Come and see a story of romance, passion, hope, and music in this show called “Once”, based on both the book of the same name written by Enda Walsh and on the motion picture written and directed by John Carney. This show is the winner of 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical!

“Once” is the story about Guy, a singing Irishman, who meets Girl, a Czech woman, in a Dublin bar. They form a friendship that transforms into love through their shared passion for music. The two of them connect in their search for long-forgotten dreams – a pursuit that may just tear them apart.

You’ll laugh, you’ll be moved to tears, and you’ll discover that universal feeling of joy which comes from joining together in song. Come and see this truly original modern musical that reminds us there are as many ways to love as there are songs to sing to.

Tickets are available now for showings from February 9 until March 10. To book your tickets, call the box office or buy them online via the official website. See below for more details.

Event Name: Chemainus Theatre Presents: Once

Date: February 9 till March 10, 2018

Location: Chemainus Theatre, 9737 Chemainus Road, Chemainus

Contact: Chemainus Theatre

Telephone: 1-800-565-7738 (Box office)


Official website:

Cost: various.


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