Nanaimo Winter Events – Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquet Workshop

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Nanaimo Winter Events-Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Workshop

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day? Do you want to give that special someone in your life a more meaningful gift than the same old roses (which are expensive this time of the year!), chocolates, or a stuffed animal? Some of the best gift ideas don’t come in a store, and not everyone can receive flowers without their allergies going into overdrive! This year, give your special someone a great gift that’s handmade and won’t trigger their allergy to flowers. Come and make your very own unique paper flower bouquet at the Lost Arts Club in Nanaimo. Their club has a large variety of pre-cut cardstock flower petals to choose from, both plain and printed, as well as leaves, embellishments, and a selection of vases, buckets, and clay pots to arrange the flowers in.

All ages are welcome to this event! All supplies will be provided at the workshop. It will take place on two dates: January 27 and February 11. Please e-mail or message the event organizers to register as the class size is limited to 8 participants. The cost is based on per person or per family making 1 bouquet; you can pay in cash at the door or in advance with e-transfer or Paypal.

Lost Arts can also make flower bouquets for you for this year’s Valentine’s Day if you’re pressed for time or if you can’t make it to the workshop. Pricing will depend on the size of the bouquet you’re looking for. Please contact them for a quote at their website.

Event Name: Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquet Workshop

Dates: Saturday, January 27 & Sunday, February 11, 2018

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Location: Lost Arts Club, 2358 Wild Dove Road, Nanaimo

Contact: Jennifer Doll

Telephone: 250-619-4088


Official website:

Cost: $15.

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