Victoria Spring Events – 2018 Spark Festival

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Victoria Spring Events-2018 Spark Festival

Are you looking for something to do during March? Do you live in the Victoria area on Vancouver Island? Do you love and appreciate the art and practice of live theatre? Come and check out the Belfry Theatre’s annual Spark Festival!

This year’s festival will feature five productions. There will also be workshops and a bunch of free events!

  • On March 8-10 check out True Crime, created by Torquil Campbell (lead singer of Stars, who will also be performing) & Chris Abraham, in collaboration with Julian Brown who will be performing the live music.
  • Find out “Who Killed Spalding Grey?” on March 13-17, a production written and performed by Daniel MacIvor and directed by Daniel Brooks.
  • Also being performed from March 13-17 is “Mouthpiece”,  quoted as “One of the most incisive commentaries on contemporary womanhood I’ve ever heard,” by My Entertainment World and created performed by Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken.
  • From March 20-24 you can see “Tomorrow’s Child”, a play adapted from Ray Bradbury’s original short story “The Shape of Things” © 1947; renewed 1975 by Ray Bradbury.  Performed by permission of Don Congdon Associates, Inc. Become a part of an unforgettable immersive audio experience created for a blindfolded audience.
  • Also from March 20-24 is “Café Daughter”, a powerful, funny, and touching story about a woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage. It will be performed by Tiffany Ayalik.

Single tickets are available now at the Belfry Theatre for these shows. Season ticket holders can purchase a SPARK Pass to save on these shows. Check out the Belfry’s website to learn more about the free events and workshops if you would like to participate in those instead!

Event Name: 2018 Spark Festival

Date: Thursday, March 8 to Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Location: Belfry Theatre, 1291 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria

Contact: Belfry Theatre

Telephone: 250-385-6815


Official website:

Cost: various.

Featured image credit: “Belfry Theatre” by Lotus Johnson, Licensed by

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