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Our Amazing Vancouver Island online magazine is a labour of love. The “Island”, as locals call it, far from the noise and stress of modern day living, is truly a wonderful place to visit in all seasons.

With world class gardens, skiing, parks and golf there is something for everyone. Vancouver Island with its wide-open spaces and mild climate has become a destination to relax and enjoy.

One of the Friendliest Places in the World

Amazing Vancouver Island, where we feel it is the friendliest place in the world! Truly, as Canada has been ranked many times as one of the 10 most friendly countries in the world, this is an accolade we love to claim.

And why wouldn’t we be friendly? Living on Vancouver Island we have much to celebrate and a great island to happily share with others. With a population under a million for the whole island we don’t have freeways but do have an abundance of wide open spaces and beaches.

We have exquisite terrain, diversely ranging from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, from forests to lakes, and rivers and harbours.

Activities all Year Long

And of course, we have all the activities that you might imagine would be part and parcel of this amazing place. We have fishing villages all along the coasts, so you can fish for salmon, trout & halibut in the Campbell River (Central Island), Victoria (in the South) or along the untouched Pacific Rim near Tofino (West Coast facing the Pacific Ocean).

Special Events and Festivals

When it comes to special events and festivals we have many – some of which last all year long, some for a month, some for only a weekend. If you want to time your visit to one of these special events we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

A few that we particularly think are noteworthy:

  • Jazz Fest International with performers from around the world flooding downtown Victoria with soulful sounds, for 10 days and nights in June, as indoor and outdoor venues are filled with more than 250 premier international jazz, blues, world and latin artists. If you are an aficionado, this is not one to be missed;
  • August brings the Filberg Festival, reputed to be the best Arts and Crafts festival in the Pacific Northwest, with an extraordinary collection of high-quality work by BC resident artists, which includes pottery, wood and metalwork, jewellery, original paintings and handmade toys.

There are also musical acts running concurrent and an area for the kids. The event takes place at Filberg Heritage Lodge, a designated landmark in Comox;

  • Labour Day Weekend get ready for the Victoria Classic Boat Festival , when approximately 100 classic sail and power boats will come from near and far to descend upon the Victoria Inner Harbour to celebrate their proud heritage. An Awards Banquet, the Classic Rowing Regatta, Steamboat Parade, and various Races make this an unforgettable moment in time.
  • And if we still haven’t enticed you to visit, then check out the world-famous Butchart Gardens, Llama Walks and Wildlife Viewing Tours, the Petroglyphs and Totem Poles, the Wineries and Hot Springs and the myriad of wonderful Restaurants and concerts that the Islanders boast of; as you can see we really do have reason to be happy and happy people are friendly people.

Whales, Seals, Sea Lions and Dolphins Abound

Speaking of our sea life, there is nothing quite as breath-taking as the sight of an animal weighing 6+ tonnes, playing like kids having a day at the beach.

The best part is you can see these Orca Whales (killer whales) up and down Vancouver Island’s coastline, along with humpbacks, porpoises, seals, sea lions and dolphins.

World Class Golfing

We have over 40 Golf Courses, and a legendary Golf Trail, which encompasses the 12 Top Championship Courses running from Victoria, in the South, to the Campbell River, in the North.

We have courses for players of every skill level and with a taste for every typography. With our unique collection of challenging and beautiful courses, we are a true destination for the avid Golfer.

Many Camping Opportunities

If camping and hiking is more to your liking we have both private and provincial park campgrounds that run throughout the entire Island.

Alpine Skiing at its Best

We have a top-notch ski resort, Mt. Washington Alpine Resort in Courtney – which is mid-island. With good snow conditions starting in early winter and lasting into spring, one can see why this is a popular winter recreation destination.

In addition to downhill skiing, the activities of snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and snow tubing add to the fun.

Canoeing, Kayaking and More

You can go canoeing and kayaking – quite popular activities here for beginners as well as seasoned enthusiasts.

There is the ease of paddling inside Victoria’s Inner Harbour; a bit more of a challenge as you approach a narrow channel just wide enough for a canoe or kayak at Thetis Lake; there’s a 43 km (27 miles) lake in Cowichan, which is a favourite for visitors.

Nanaimo has two harbours with ideal waters for boaters of all skill levels and the world-famous bathtub race; Matheson Lake, 26km (16 miles) south of Victoria, which lies within a forest.

And if you decide to paddle the distance from Denman’s ferry to Sandy Island, about 10 kms (6 miles), you may find yourself in the company of dolphins and seals, welcoming you to their part of town – yes, we even have the friendliest sea life in the world.

Come relax and share the joy in every season on Amazing Vancouver Island!


The Team

Amazing Vancouver Island is a division of KIAI Agency, an Internet Marketing and Branding agency with offices in Nanaimo and Burnaby.

Content Manager: Angela Hovestad

Angela is responsible for the excellent events calendar and other content on the Amazing Vancouver Island website and blog. She grew up and attended university on the “Island” and calls Nanaimo home.

President: Doug Hay

Doug is a co-publisher of Amazing Vancouver Island and a current Nanaimo resident on the Island. He is also the President of KIAI Agency, He is an avid photographer and you can see his many pix of Vancouver Island on Flickr.

Creative Director: Daniela Torres

Daniela is a co-publisher of Amazing Vancouver Island. She was originally a journalist and worked as a reporter, chief editor, photographer, designer, PR and brand strategist. She absolutely loves her work and everything that comes with it.

CEO: Rod Pancine

Rod is a co-publisher of Amazing Vancouver Island. Rod brings his extensive experience and passion to guide clients to make the best marketing decisions to grow their businesses.

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