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Things to do

Relaxing Activities in the Off Season in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

    Enjoy Canada’s Mediterranean. The “off season” is roughly October to April each year and Nanaimo experiences mild, rainy winters – much like Seattle, Vancouver and other Pacific Northwest temperate rain forests. Snowfall does occasionally occur during winter but don’t let that stop you visiting as it makes our beautiful scenery even lovelier. Canada is rated 8th in the World’s Most Peaceful Co...

Off Season -Vancouver Island

Places to Visit

“Steeped in Nature”: Westholme Tea Farm, A Vancouver Island Hidden Gem

Picture this: you’re driving along the Trans-Canada Highway going south, and you decide to make a left onto Mt Sicker Road. You then make a right onto Westholme Road. It’s possibly unknown to you that you’re now driving through the little community of Westholme, between Chemainus and Duncan. You’re enjoying the farms, the trees, the winding road, and the privacy of the drive. Then, you see on your...

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