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The Top Beaches of Vancouver Island

There are many exceptional beaches on Vancouver Island.  Some of these beaches surpass the beauty and grandeur of the best in the world. Many of them are part of the rugged costal wilderness that makes Vancouver Island magnificent.  Here are some of the top beaches on the Island, taking a drive north from Nanaimo, around the northern edge then across and up the Pacific Rim from Victoria to Tofino.

The Top 12 Vancouver Island Golf Courses

Vancouver Island is famous for spectacular golf courses (more than 40 in total), but the pinnacle is a Golf Trail with the Top 12 Champion Courses packed into a span of 250 kilometres (155 miles), which takes you putting from Victoria, in the South of the Island to the Campbell River, in the North.  With Oceans frequently on one side of you while you play and snowcapped mountains on the other, as ...

5 of the Top Vancouver Island Tourist Attractions to Try this Summer

Vancouver Island offers a wide range of activities for tourists of all ages, and perhaps the best spots to check out can’t be found in the confines of walls and ceilings. Known for its incredible, largely untouched wilderness, Vancouver Island is a must-see for adventurers of all ages. If you are planning a vacation to this location in the summer months, you won’t be disappointed. The only hard th...

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