Comox Valley

Discover the art of chainsaw carving in Courtenay, BC.

Guest Blog: There are fine pieces of arts you can appreciate in museums, and then there are those you can find in the most unlikely places.Who would have ever thought you could create stunning works of art with a chainsaw? It’s hard enough for any ordinary person  to wield such heavy and dangerous equipment, much less use it to make an intricate masterpiece with great attention to detail. Not quit...

Kickoff the New Year in Style with some Fun Events in Courtney

Guest Blog: Happy New Year! I hope you all had your share of fun over the holidays. As we usher in 2012, its always fun to jumpstart things towards the right direction, which will hopefully set a more upbeat tone for the rest of the year.Whether you are checking out great ideas to extend the holiday cheer or you are simply looking forward to a nice trip to Courtenay on Vancouver Island, you defini...

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